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NQP Starch & Chemicals has over 20 years experience in sales, service and process improvement in the corrugating, paper, and food industries. We provide high quality products and programs at an economical price. NQP also provides Six Sigma project management, process improvement programs, and sales and technical service backed by research and development and engineering. Our customers and partners have experienced improvements in their operations and increases in profitability. NQP's solutions will save you time and money.

More About NQP Starch & Chemicals

  • NQP Starch & Chemicals is a manufacturer and distributor of quality products to the corrugating industry. Our plant in Tennessee manufactures resin, bond additives, and adhesives. We have analytic laboratories in Montreal, Tennessee and Minnesota.
  • NQP has 100 % success in replacing competitors' bond additives as well as specialty carrier starches. In most cases, an improvement in performance or quality has been observed and at the very least a cost savings realized. We are running on difficult to bond substrates such as triple wall with 90 # liners, wax impregnated medium, coated liners and recycled substrates etc. NQP can lower your starch solids.
  • NQP has a Polymer Chemist, Starch Chemist, and a Chemical Engineer that understand the complexity and needs for bond additives in a corrugating formula. Today's substrates have changed significantly and because of the recycled, high performance, and heavy weight papers, the supplier to the corrugating plants has to understand the formulation, corrugating and paper making. NQP has provided 20-30% savings to plants using our products
  • NQP manufactures a dual dosing system, which can dispense both resin and bond additives on a demand basis. NQP has a technician who can modify existing dosing systems to dispense a second additive and optimize the use of the additives in your starch formulas, thus reducing your costs.
  • NQP has been instrumental in optimizing formulas to achieve the desired quality off the corrugator and reducing costs due to being one of the only manufacturers of specialty enhancers for the starch adhesive industry (all others are distributors). We have also implemented a technical service program which includes a comprehensive analysis of the board quality, corrugator performance, training of personnel in all aspects of the manufacturing of corrugated board, as well as ongoing technical service visits to the plants with follow up reports on findings.
  • NQP can help with process improvement programs, and help lean your operation in order to ensure quality as well as production.  We have lean consulting services available to help your organization be the best it can be.

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